credit cards

Who is eligible for an AAU credit card?

AAU employees on a contract of minimum 18½ hours a week (including PhD fellows), and by the university considered to have a regular work-related need for this service, are eligible for a credit card.

What credit card can i get?

You can get an Eurocard with corporate liability.

Why should i get an AAU credit card?

An AAU credit card is relevant for you if you travel frequently or often need reimbursement of expenses e.g. entertainment costs related to AAU activities.  

Your Eurocard  transactions are transferred directly into the travel and expense system (RUS), making it easy for you to fill out your travel or expense report. 

How do I apply for an AAU credit card?

You apply for an AAU credit card by reading the rules and filling out the application form below.

 rules for AAU credit cards

Application form for an AAU credit card